Attending via Phone-in

Below are the instructions for members to attend the AGM via phone-in:

  1. Call toll free numbers 800 101 3814 or 800 852 6054
  2. Enter ID:  861 4709 3950
  3. Enter passcode: 533514

It is recommended that members use home phones or phones with physical buttons to conduct phone-in as it would be easier to dial the numbers.

Tip for phone-in

For members who encounter difficulty dialing the various numbers, they can try the following prior to attending the AGM (do not need to wait until the day of the AGM):

      1. Create a new contact in their phone as usual.
      2. In the field for entering phone number, they can instead enter the following, including the punctuation:

      You can then save the number under a name of their choice, such as AGM.

On the day of the AGM, they can select this contact and the same way they would select any other contact number in their phone book to dial, and it will call through to the AGM directly.

For clarification on the above, please email Desmond Soh at or dial 62514331 extension 701.