Who is eligible?

The SAVH Library Services Centre is set up to meet the information needs of the blind and the Visually Impaired who are registered as client with the Association. It is for anyone who cannot read a physical book.

SAVH Library Services Centre has a free reading service to loan out audio and Braille books to its members. To reach out to members who may not have access to information either via Internet or other mass media, the Library produces audio periodicals both in English and Mandarin.

What is available in the library?

The Library Services Centre loans out talking books, Braille books, movies and music CDs. The library also produces two locally recorded programes, namely the English News InfoMag and a monthly Chinese Digest. Members can assess these podcasts via Dropbox or have them downloaded into thumb drives.

How are books borrowed?

Members can visit the Library Services Centre to select their books or request to have the books mailed to their homes. Postage of articles for the blind is free.


For more information, please call Hafiz Misran at 6251 4331 ext 811 or email us at savh_lsc@savh.org.sg

The opening hours of the Library are from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9am to 6pm.