Skills Development Programme equips our visually handicapped clients with vital vocational skills and knowledge necessary for the workplace to increase their employability and prepare them for independent living. Computer literacy courses are also conducted and their proficiency in using the Internet is equivalent to that of a sighted person. Members are also trained to do telemarketing and there is strong potential for promotion of products and services through the Association’s telemarketing facilities.

Telephony / Telemarketing Service
Since the set up of the telemarketing centre at SAVH, many visually handicapped telemarketers have been trained and were given another avenue for employment to lead more independent lives.

The centre is specially equipped with assistive technology to assist the telemarketers in their daily tasks. For example, each computer is fitted with screen reader software and a voice synthesizer to enable the visually handicapped telemarketer to type in their reports at the end of the day, to be faxed or emailed to their respective employers. All the telemarketers are required to have computer skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Email and Internet skills.

We encourage employers to adopt an inclusive hiring practice and provide employment opportunities to help our clients be more financially independent and provides them a mean to be integrated socially. The range of jobs suitable for our clients includes:

  • Lecturer/Speaker
  • Research Associate
  • Customer Service Officer
  • Contact Centre Personnel
  • IT Support Staff
  • Administrative Support Staff like Receptionist, Admin. Assistant
  • Masseurs/Therapists
  • F&B Staff like Waiters, Kitchen Helper
  • Housekeeping Staff
  • Packer
  • Telemarketer in Printing or Cleaning Services, Insurance, Skin Care/Wellness, Conferences)
  • Performers at events (Annual Dinner, Family Day, Departmental Functions, Wedding, Charity Bazaars)

It is not an exhaustive list. To most of our clients, employment enhances their quality of life, improves self-esteem and offers general life satisfaction.

Employment for persons with disabilities is encouraged by the Government through the open-door programme. The Open Door Programme helps employers defray the cost for necessary accommodations to facilitate the hiring of persons with disabilities. Grants and employment support services under the programme include:

• On-the-job Training Grant to support employment and retention of persons with disabilities
• Job Redesign Grant to support re-designing of jobs such as purchases of equipment and workplace modification
• Training Grant for skills-upgrading of persons with disabilities and training of employees with no disabilities
• Recruitment and Job Support Services

For more details, please visit the Open Door Programme.

SAVH’s Placement Officers work closely with employers who work together with the visually handicapped clients to understand their job scopes and the work environment. Interviews are arranged with employers once potential candidates are matched with jobs. Once a job match is completed, SAVH’s Placement Officers will ensure the newly employed client are transited smoothly into the new job and work location by providing orientation and mobility (O&M) training. O&M skills allow a visually impaired person to travel safely from home to work and in the community.

For more information about hiring visually impaired clients or enquiries, please contact us at 6251 4331 ext 501 or 502 or email us at