LVC 1 Little Client Making Good Use of MagnifierThe Low Vision Clinic (LVC) is a specialized centre established to offer people with different levels of vision impairment the benefits of low vision devices to maximize one’s remaining vision whenever possible. The clinic provides a comprehensive clinical assessment and advisory services conducted by a team of qualified Ophthalmologists and Optometrists.

In addition to assessment, the Consultants will work with you on the various adaptive techniques to perform your visual tasks and activities through a diverse range of low vision devices and high addition prescription lenses which is available at the clinic.

What is Low Vision?


Low Vision is an impairment of vision that has adverse effects on the daily functioning of an individual.

The person with low vision retain some usable vision may have difficulties in reading newspaper print, recognizing faces, see bus numbers or watching television even with he or she uses the spectacles or contact lenses.  Low vision often may occur as a result of birth defects, injuries, aging or as a result of complications from diseases such as diabetes. It usually manifests itself in several forms, namely, loss of acuity (the visual ability to see fine details) or loss of visual field.

LVC 4 Vision Testing at the Low Vision Clinic

Low vision cannot be adequately corrected with surgery, spectacles or contact lenses.  However, the remaining vision can be maximized to its fullest potential through the use of specially prescribed magnifiers and other low vision devices. If you are experiencing difficulties in reading small prints and carrying out daily activities due to sight-related problems, please call 6251 4331 ext 721 for an appointment for a consultation.

For Eye Care Professionals who wish to refer patients to our Low Vision Clinic, please complete the Referral Form and email it to or fax it to us at 6253 7191.

A nominal fee is charged for consultation at the Low Vision Clinic. Clients who are registered will pay a special rate and private patients will be charged at a regular rate with a small fee to cover administrative services. Please refer to our fees table for more information.

LVC 2 Hands-on Experience on High-end Products

Low Vision Clinic Consultation Fees

Registered VH Non-Registered VH including Foreigners
  First Consultation Subsequent Consultation First Consultation Subsequent Consultation
Consultant Optometrist $30 $12 $60 $40

1. Only Cash will be accepted
2. Prices are subject to changes without prior notice. Please confirm with the staff during your visit
3. Clients who need further financial assistance, please see the Social Worker of SAVH
4. Registered VH are those who have been certified or examined as blind or with Low Vision. Non-Registered VH are foreigners and clients who are not classified as blind or with low vision.

This schedule is effective 1 February 2023