Vision Rehabilitation Programme 1

The Vision Rehabilitation Programme is part of the initiative to achieve SAVH mission by helping people who are visually handicapped to acquire new skills and to be self-reliant for a better Quality Of Life (QOL). The programme aims to empower and build their confidence to travel safely and independently in their environment, as well as to equip them with life skills and skills for their daily living. The team also work towards helping them to develop their support system, foster links with the community, and to adopt a positive attitude in different situations.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Registered as a client of SAVH;
  2. Medically certified by a qualified doctor to have visual impairment;
  3. Aged 5 years and above; and
  4. Assessed by social worker, orientation & mobility instructor, and/or occupational therapist to be able to benefit from one or more services provided.

Main Services

Orientation & Mobility Training

Basic Cane Techniques (BCT) – To coach on the proper techniques and usage of white cane.

Independent Indoor Travelling Techniques (IITT) – To train on familiarity with indoor environment and to maneuver safely with use of senses.

Orientation & Mobility skills – To train on getting to a particular destination safely and independently.

Sighted Guide Techniques – To coach caregivers or concerned individuals on proper ways to guide and assist people who are visually handicapped.

Activities of Daily Living Skills – To train on specific daily living skills such as personal hygiene, dressing & grooming, money & medication management.

Social work and Counselling

Case management – Social workers would assist people who are visually handicapped from intake of the case to meeting their needs/concerns in a holistic manner through assessments and interventions.

Counselling – To discuss and help clients/caregivers with their issues/challenges by empowering them to make their own informed decisions and to act upon them.

Information and Referral – To provide information to clients based on their needs and concerns, and to make referrals internally or externally for appropriate services or resources that they need.

Financial Assistance – To assess and assist with financial assistances and subsidies internally and externally. These also includes providing of tangible items such as food rations, furniture, and devices. The financial subsidy also allows clients to get assistive devices from our ADC at a subsidized rate.

Operating Hours

9 am to 5 pm (Monday – Friday)
For further information, please contact our Social Workers at 6251 4331.
You can also email us at