SAVH takes pride in providing quality services to people with visually impaired, hence we are always looking for avenues to improve ourselves. Your opinion and feedback are important to us. Should you have any queries or feedback on our staff or service delivery, we appreciate it and will be glad to hear from you. Please drop us a message and we will get back to you soon.


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Donations & Fundraising
Donations, Donations-in-kind, Donations Under Wills or 4331 ext 113 or
ext 115
CSR & Volunteering
Corporate Social Responsibility or School Value-in-action 4331 ext 113 or
ext 115
Individual 4331 ext 113 or
ext 115
Membership Matters
Membership 4331 ext 118
Low Vision Clinic
Low Vision Clinic 4331 ext 142
Social Work Matters
Vision Rehabilitation Programme 4331 ext 131 or ext126
Skills Development Department
Skills Development Programme or Employing Our 4331 ext 151 or
ext 167
Massage 4331 ext 163
Dining In The 4331 ext 166
Touch 4331 ext 167
Assistive Devices Centre
Assistive Devices 4331 ext 145 or
ext 146
Braille Production Centre
Braille Production 4331 ext 171 or
ext 172
Library Services Centre
Library Services 4331 ext 181
Day Care Centre
Day Care 4331 ext 165
White Cane Club
White Cane 4331 ext 186
Career & Employment
For 4331 ext 112