We serve Singapore citizens and permanent residents of all age groups. They must be certified as having low vision (partial sight), or blind, by an eye specialist or ophthalmologist. These includes people who are born blind as well as those who have lost their vision through ageing, accidents or illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, tumour, eye infection and others.

Clients are entitled to the whole range of services at the Association including eye care, rehabilitation, training and counselling, provided mostly free of charge. They are also eligible to receive subsidies to purchase assistive devices, subject to means testing.

Clients at SAVH range from infants to the elderly. As at 22 December 2020, the number of registered clients stood at 4,175.

Differences between Clients and Members


Adelyn Koh (Client)

All vision impaired Singapore citizens and permanent residents residing in Singapore who are certified blind or low vision by an Ophthalmologist may register with us as our clients.

Benefits of a client include:

  • Being entitled to the whole range of services provided by the Association free of charge;
  • Being able to opt-in for subsidy of assistive devices.


2015 AGM (Member)

Anybody can sign up as members of the Association by completing the membership form and paying the prescribed membership fees. They must be proposed and seconded by members. Members can be sighted or visually handicapped.

You can sign up as a:

  • Life Member – One-time membership fee of S$150.00;
  • Ordinary Member (visually handicapped) – S$5.00 a year;
  • Ordinary Member (sighted) – $15.00 a year;
  • Junior Member – S$2.00 a year.

Person below the age of 21 years but above the age of 16 years may join as a junior member without a right to hold office or to exercise the power of voting.

To apply for SAVH membership, please complete the Membership Registration Form and email it to membership@savh.org.sg

To Change membership status, for instance, to convert from ordinary to life membership or to reinstate membership, member can complete the Change In Membership Status Form and email it to membership@savh.org.sg

Benefits of a member include:

bullet dotThe right to attend and speak up at Annual General Meetings of the Association;
bullet dotVote on all matters within the objects of the Association and to elect Executive Committee members – the highest policy-making body of the Association (except for Junior Member);
bullet dotStand for election as Executive Committee Members (except for Junior Member). Executive Committee members are accountable to the general membership of the Association – the supreme body of the Association.
bullet dotReceive SAVH Annual Report and 'InSight', our half-yearly newsletter on complimentary basis