For the past 65 years, SAVH has been actively serving to meet the needs of our over 4,400 visually impaired clients by providing a range of comprehensive rehabilitation and after-care programmes to empower and equip them with basic life skills in order to gain self-reliance.

To support and run all these programmes, our annual operating cost is about $4.3 million. SAVH receives funding from the Government yearly but there is still a large gap for which we need to seek donations to help defray the association’s annual operating cost.

Organizations, retail outlets, shops, schools, informal groups and individuals can help us by organizing fundraising events or creating awareness within your organization, school compound or campus. This will also inspire the spirit of volunteerism within your organization and community. You can also adopt our donation tins and organize an internal donation drive in your organization or school or to encourage your customers or client to donate.

Who you will help…

SAVH Who You Will Help

Swee Kuen has been a client of SAVH all her adult life. At birth, she was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a congenital eye-cancer. Over the years this devolved into total blindness. Notwithstanding this, Swee Kuen has arduously striven to remain proactive in providing for her daily needs. Owing to your continued support, clients like Swee Kuen, have some measure of independence.

Our motto is simple: ‘to help the visually handicapped help themselves’. This is achieved by equipping clients like Swee Kuen with vital rehabilitative skills, thus enabling them to live safely and productively.

Should you wish to raise funds for us, organize any CSR activities or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Tel: 6251 4331 ext 421 or e-mail us at

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