Dear Clients and the General Public,

I am writing to inform you that SAVH has an established a process for clients and the general public to write confidentially through the Whistleblowing policy either on a named or on an anonymous basis to the Chairperson of the Audit and Risk Sub-Committee, currently Mr Joshua Tan Peng Leong, on any issues relating to misconduct, wrongdoing, favoritism, malpractice, improper behavior or regulatory non-compliance without any fear of reprisals, victimization or adverse consequences.

The whistleblowing policy is on the Infoline and is repeated here below.

I want to reiterate and assure you that this channel is confidential and independent. The Chairperson will decide how best to investigate the issues brought up. Please allow SAVH to handle the issues raised prior to the involvement of any other external parties.

Thank you.

Derek Ong

SAVH Whistle Blowing Policy

This Whistle Blowing Policy intends to afford a framework for employees, board members and external parties to report on observed improprieties to SAVH any violations of SAVH policies and/or any unethical or unlawful business conduct or dealings, with the intention for appropriate corrective actions and ramifications to be adopted for the purposes of tackling the raised issues. This policy applies to all employees of SAVH and Board members, as well as to all internal and external stakeholders who have working relationships with SAVH.

All reports of incidents that could potentially give rise to whistle blowing relates to all forms of unlawful conduct, financial malpractice, etc., including information or evidence provided will be handled prudently and discreetly, and confidentiality of the information provided will be maintained within the limits of the law. SAVH gives the assurance to whistle blowers that on the proviso that it is made in good faith, the identity of the whistle blower will be kept confidential to the extent as required by law.

Concerns may be raised with or information provided to:

Private & Confidential

For the attention of: Chairperson of the SAVH Audit & Risk Sub-Committee
Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH)
47 Toa Payoh Rise Singapore 298104

E-mail address:

Such reports should be in writing, either in the form of a letter or email, and in detail setting out the background and history of events as well as the reason(s) for concern. Details should also include the parties involved, dates, description of the incident of concern, how was the impropriety discovered, how long has it been happening, value involved and evidence, if any.

As SAVH assures confidentiality, the whistle-blower is to provide his/her name and contact details to facilitate investigation and further information as required. Should there be any anonymous whistle blowers, the Audit and Risk Committee Chairman may still give due consideration but will be investigated on its own merit due to practical difficulties in conducting a full and effective investigation with insufficient information. It is therefore important that the whistle blower not be anonymous, rather be contactable for full investigation to be carried out, otherwise it may be a futile exercise (in the absence of the ability to obtain more detailed information from the whistle blower).

SAVH will periodically review this Policy to ensure its continued effectiveness.