These are the common eye conditions found in Singaporeans. The pictures simulates what someone with such conditions would see.

normal vision NORMAL VISION has both central vision which allows us to see fine detail, and peripheral vision which allows us to scan our surroundings and so move through them.
MACULAR DEGENERATION MACULAR DEGENERATION is an eye condition common in older people. Central vision deteriorates and reading, recognising faces and all close work becomes difficult.
DIABETIC RETINOPATHY DIABETIC RETINOPATHY can accompany diabetes. Regular eye examininations are important for people with diabetes.
RETINITIS PIGMENTOSA RETINITIS PIGMENTOSA causes “tunnel vision” and night blindness. Moving around safely can be difficult as peripherial(side) vision is lost.
CATARACT CATARACT occurs when the lens of the eye become cloudy. An operation to replace the lens can often restore vision.
GLAUCOMA GLAUCOMA is an increase of pressure in the eye. People over 40 should have their eyes checked every 2 years for glaucoma.