SAVH Corporate Video 2023

SAVH President – Mr Derek Ong

Our Touch Art Volunteer & Client – Ms Katy Lim

Our Client – Mr Daniel Ng, Busker

Our Client, Masseur – Ms Daisy Keh

Our Client, Dining In The Dark Server – Ms Nurul Natasya Bte Idrus

Navigating the world can be daunting for persons with visual impairment. Hence, a device or a piece of technology can be immensely useful to assist them in their everyday lives.

The Assistive Device Centre(ADC) in SAVH is a one-stop centre which serves to enhance the lives of persons with vision impairment by promoting the use of assistive devices and technologies, so as to allow them to integrate into the society. For the year 2021, ADC will be showcasing, through video presentation, a few of these devices that could be helpful for persons with visual impairment.

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SAVH International White Cane Day 2020

Mr Tan Guan Heng, Winner of the Goh Chok Tong Enable Award 2019

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