Chief Executive OfficerRobin Lee (Mr)
Client Services DirectorIvan Chin (Mr)
Compliance, PDPA, CyberSecurity & Membership Kan Teck San (Mr)
Assistive Devices CentreLoh Seng Kwee (Mr)
Braille ProductionBen Ong* (Mr)
Ng Swee Kim (Mrs)
Tan Wee Liam* (Mr)
Indira P. (Ms)
Jason Setok* (Mr)
Karine Ng (Ms)
Library Services Centre Kelvin Tan* (Mr)
Day Care, Music & Sports CentreAlfred Ng (Mr)
Janice Tan (Ms)
Rebecca Yeo (Ms)
James Cheng (Mr)
Operations Support & Security
Tan Siow Huee (Mr)
Thomas Lok (Mr)
Albert Ng (Mr)
Serene Ng* (Ms)
FinanceKevin Koh (Mr)
Yang Yu Goh (Ms)
Wong Mui Lie (Ms)
Lynn See (Ms)
Human Resources Pearlie Wong (Ms)
Joanne Chua (Ms)
Low Vision ClinicAlyse Wong (Ms)
Lim En Ting (Ms)
Fundraising and Donors ManagementGina Quek (Ms)
Cecilia Cho (Ms)
Business DevelopmentMargaret Woo (Ms)
Advocacy, Communications, Employment & TrainingChong Kwek Bin* (Mr)
Caren Ho (Ms)
June Tan (Ms)
Liow Ai Vee (Mrs)
Mobile Massage TeamAlvin Leow (Mr)
Loke Zhi Cai* (Mr)
Dining In The DarkJoji Nana Sualan (Ms)
Social Work DepartmentSanjiv Singh (Mr)
Bridget Tan (Ms)
Dawn You (Ms)
Andy Ang (Mr)
Shirley Ng (Ms)
Steven Yew (Mr)
Theresa Ng (Ms)
Ben Tan (Mr)
Orientation & Mobility ServicesPauline Chon (Ms)
Jayne Lock (Ms)
Ong Tin Ling (Ms)
Johnny Yeo (Mr)

* Visually Impaired Staff