Video Self Introduction of Candidate

Curriculum Vitae

Education :

Bachelor of Commerce and Administration ( majoring in Accountancy and Business) From Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

Master in Business Administration (majoring in entrepreneurship and strategy) from Helsinki School of Economics

Postgraduate certificate in digital marketing / digital analytics from Singapore Management University

Postgraduate studies in Data Analytics from NUS

Certificate in Eldercare: Gerontological Counselling

Chartered Accountant of Singapore (ISCA)

Member with Singapore Institute of Directors

Member with Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants 

Work Experience:

Accountant, Auditor, Investment Banker

Executive Director with Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped

Executive Director with Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA)

Currently director with W. L. Teng Enterprise, Victory Consulting

Past Executive Director with SAVH, past Assistant Treasurer with SAVH,

Ex Executive Director with HWA, Volunteer with SAVH and HWA

Current President of SAVH

Past Award: Media Corp award for ‘Ode to invisible heroes during COVID’ in 2019 for Helping people in need, including visually challenged.

Arranged and sponsored numerous events for visually challenged such as Christmas Dinner, Mid Autumn Festival at Shuang Lin Monastery, sports events,etc. 

Conclusion: I have extensive experience in both the commercial and the social service sectors. My commercial experiences will be able to provide me with the knowledge and network to assist SAVH by bringing expertise and professionalism. Added to this my experiences as a past Executive Director of SAVH allows me to understand the challenges faced by many of our visually challenged friends. There are many improvements I wished to do during my tenure as SAVH Executive Director and I hope as an executive committee member I can continue to do.

Most importantly, I strongly feel that my passion and empathy to help is very important because this position is as a volunteer, where we spend out time and money without anything in return. However, the joys of knowing our Visually Challenged friends having a better life will be enough hope to bring us forward.

Many visually challenged people are my friends and I understand and empathize with them.

My passion is to be able to work and share joys in life with all.

My hope is to be able to share and work with all of SAVH members as equal partners. 

Let my actions speak louder than my words.                                                                                                                                                         

Election Statement                         

12 August 2021 

Being successful in life is not just about being materially successful but where we help others to live in an inclusive society where no one is left behind. 

Having a heart and passion for helping our visually challenged friends, will motivate me to work with the executive committee of SAVH to improve our services. There are many challenges faced by SAVH and our clients. I therefore hope to work as a team with the executive committee to address these issues such as quality of services, employment, better communications, new services, financial assistance and improve on them

With my background in Accountancy, Knowledge in Gerentology counselling, my experience as ex executive director of SAVH and Handicapps Welfare Association, President of SAVH, I have accumulated a wealth of experiences and wisdom in the social service sector.

I was part of the group who organized and executed the recent COVID vaccination at SAVH, as I felt that the health of our clients is very important.     

I am your friend , volunteer and donor. Please support me and vote me as an SAVH Executive member so that I can serve all of you. Let my actions speak louder than my words.

Thank you.