Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Mobile Massage Team (MMT)?
The Mobile Massage Team or MMT is an initiative by SAVH to facilitate the provision of massage services (Head & Shoulder Massage, Foot Reflexology and Full Body Non-Oil Massage) by a group of qualified, visually handicapped Masseurs at SAVH (in-house) or external venues such as schools and corporate offices as well as national organized events (off-site).


2. Have the masseurs in MMT been trained and certified?
MMT masseurs undergo training based on the standards under Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ).They have to pass the required examinations before they could be certified and be considered for MMT.


3. Are there male and female masseurs in MMT?
Yes, we have both male and female masseurs. However, our female masseurs are limited in number.

4. Can we request for a team of all female masseurs?
Special arrangements are made only for exceptional circumstances, as the female masseurs require a male team leader to guide them to the location. They rarely travel alone on assignments.

5.How many masseurs can MMT send out at one time?
We can send up to 20 masseurs at any one time. Advance arrangements need to be made for such special requests.

6.Are all the masseurs based at SAVH in 49 Toa Payoh Rise?
A team of 2-4 masseurs is stationed at our in-house massage centre. The other masseurs do not come to SAVH on a daily basis. They are on standby at home and would be called upon for offsite assignments.


7.How do we book MMT services?
For in-house sessions, please call 6251 4331 x 164 from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Saturday except Sundays and Public Holidays.
For offsite events, please call Mr Alvin Leow at 6251 4331 x 163 from Monday to Friday, or email us at

8.Is advance booking of MMT services required?
We usually do not require advance notice for in-house sessions on weekdays. It would be better to make appointment for in-house sessions on Saturdays in order to secure your preferred timeslot.

Our busiest days for external (offsite) events are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It would be ideal to provide at least
i. 1 week’s notice for request of less than 5 masseurs.
ii. 2 weeks’ advance notice for request for teams of more than 5 masseurs

9.What are the rates for engaging MMT services?
For external (off-site) engagements the rates are as follows:-
Invoice by Hourly:
i. For a 1-hour assignment – $70 per hour per masseur
ii. For a 2-hour assignment -$60 per hour per masseur
iii. For an assignment of 3 hours or more – $50 per hour per masseur

The charges for engagement of MMT services after 9 pm to 7 am are as follows:-
i. For a 1-hour assignment – $80 per hour per masseur
ii. For a 2-hour assignment -$70 per hour per masseur
iii. For an assignment of 3 hours or more – $60 per hour per masseur

The rates for services at our in-house massage centre are:-
i. Head and Shoulder/Foot Massage – $20.00 (30 min)
ii. Head and Shoulder/Foot Massage – $26.00 (40 min)
iii. Head and Shoulder/Foot Massage – $36.00 (60 min)
iv. Full Body Massage (Fully Clothed) – $54.00 (One-hour)

10. What is the feature in “Invoice by Hourly”?
The hourly engagement allows you to customize your sessions, depending on your needs/preference.

For example, if you need to cater to a large crowd during a limited time frame, you can chose to have 10 to 15-minute sessions.

If your preference is to have longer slots of 30 minutes each, this can be arranged if you take on the hourly engagement.

11. If we book the masseurs on an hourly basis, are there any charges for traveling time?
No, the time charge begins when the masseurs start work on site. However, it is the organiser’s responsibility to ensure that the event begins on schedule.


12. What type of massages are provided by MMT?
Our masseurs provide acupressure-point, non-oil massages. These include:
– Head & Shoulder massage
– Foot reflexology
– Full body massage (for in-house sessions at SAVH massage centre only)

13.Do the masseurs use aromatherapy/essential oils?
No, we do not do oil massage – we only provide acupressure-point massage without oil.

14.Do the masseurs use cream or oil for foot reflexology? Are these strongly

All creams used in foot reflexology are un-scented.

15.Can we bring our own cream/lotion or essential oil?
Yes, you may for foot reflexology sessions only. Please inform the masseur before the session begins on how you would like your cream/lotion/oil to be used.

16.Do customers/patrons have to wear any special clothing for massage sessions?
All our massages are conducted with the customers/patrons fully clothed.

However, for foot reflexology, patrons are requested to wear pants with legs that end above the knees. If long pants are worn, it is preferred that the pants have loose cuffs, so that the pants can be hiked up above the knees. Ladies who wear skirts and wish to do foot reflexology may wish to bring a shawl/towel as a modesty cover.


17. If we engage MMT for an event, what equipment do we need to prepare?
For head/shoulder massage:
Please indicate if you require us to provide professional massage chairs at the site. You can also provide your own chairs with backrest. We do not recommend
a) chairs with armrests
b) castors wheels on the legs of the chairs
c) sofa chairs or soft-cushioned chairs

For foot reflexology sessions, the MMT will bring its own footstools, wet and dry tissues and other paraphernalia.

18.How does the massage chair look like?
We provide professional back massage chairs, as depicted:

Massage Chair


19.Where do you provide in-house massage sessions?
SAVH has a massage centre at its premises at 49 Toa Payoh Rise. The centre operates from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Saturday except Sundays and Public Holidays.

20. Where does the MMT go on assignments?
Our teams are able to go to most locations in Singapore. However, organisers will need to provide us detailed instructions as the teams go on their own via public transport. There is no sighted guide with them, but a leader who is partially sighted usually leads a team.

For locations that are not accessible via public transport, it would be best if the team can meet the massage session organiser at the nearest MRT station and the organiser could guide them to the venue.

21.Does MMT go to locations like Sentosa or Pulau Ubin for offsite events?
Yes, we have been to many large events at Sentosa and other offsite venues. There are a few things to note for events at such venues:

bullet dotWe work on an hourly engagements only;
bullet dotMasseurs can make their way to HarbourFront MRT Station but we would require that the organizer provides transportation or a guide to lead them to Sentosa;
bullet dotThe organizer is requested to bear costs such as entrance fees;
bullet dotIt would be appreciated if the team could be led back to HarbourFront Station MRT where the masseurs can make their own way home

22.Are there any extra charge if the masseurs are engaged for events at Sentosa or offsite locations?
There is no extra charge, but we work on hourly engagements only. Please note the other requirements as stated in Question 21 above.

Transport cost will be charged should you request for the professional massage chairs to be brought to the venue. It depends upon the distance covered between pick-up and drop-off locations and the real-time traffic conditions at the time of booking.

Note: One mini bus can take up to 8 massage chairs and other equipment and the masseurs. For events that require 1 to 3 massage chairs only, these will be transported to the venue by Taxi/Grab.

23.Does a sighted staff accompany the masseurs when they go on their assignments?

No, MMT masseurs go to the venue on their own. It is one of the ways to gain independence.

24.How do the masseurs go for these assignments i.e. does SAVH provide transportation?
The masseurs attend to all assignments on their own via public transport. There is no sighted guide with them, but a leader who is partially sighted usually leads the team. Organizers will need to provide us detailed instructions. Maps are not helpful as the masseurs are all visually handicapped.

For locations that are not accessible via public transport, it would be best if the team could meet the organiser at the nearest MRT and arrangements can be made to bring/guide them to the venue.


25.Are there any discounts for engaging massage services of MMT?
We seek the understanding of all organisers that provision of massage services is the only means of income for most of our masseurs. Hence it is difficult for us to reduce the rates.

26.How do we pay the masseurs after we engaged them?
We do not accept cash. Please do not hand any cash to the masseurs. For massage engagements, we will issue invoice to the company/school on behalf of the masseurs to facilitate collection, with payment due one week after the event. Cheque is to be made payable to “SAVH” or “Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped”. The fees are collected on behalf of the masseurs. Please indicate the invoice reference number and details such as date of massage on the reverse side of the cheque.

27.Are we allowed to tip the masseurs?
All tips and gratuities are given at the discretion of the customer – the masseur is not allowed to solicit for them. Please check with the MMT team leader or the office if you need further assistance in this area.

28.Can we make a donation to the masseurs?
Yes, you may – please speak to the MMT office for further details.

29.Are there any charges if we cancel the request for massage service?

Charges will apply for cancellation of request for massage services 48 hours prior to booked events. Full fees would be charged for events cancelled 24 hours or less. Please contact MMT office for further details.