On 30th Jan 2019, in collaboration with SG Enable, LTA announced a six-month trial of the MAVIS Bus App for commuters with disabilities. This app provides travel assistance for persons with visual, hearing impairment and wheelchair users on selected public bus services. (See below for news coverage of the trial)

The trial will start with bus service 139 that passes by the Enabling Village, where SG Enable is located, and will run until 30 April. Following that, the trial will continue with bus service 141, which passes by Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH), until end of June 2019.

The features of MAVIS include:

  • User App: Users select the desired bus service as well as the boarding and alighting bus stops. The information will be sent to the bus captain of the selected bus service. The app will display the waiting time for the arrival of the bus and send reminders to users to alight at the selected bus stop when they are on board the bus.
  • Driver Display Unit: To inform bus captains of commuters with disabilities waiting to board their bus at selected bus stops so that they could render the necessary assistance.
  • Induction Loop Aerial: Located towards the rear of the bus (marked as T-Loop area) for internal stop announcements transmitted to hearing aids.
  • Internal Speakers: On board the bus, for the broadcasting of bus stop announcements.
  • External Speaker: To announce the service number at bus stops (only when activated by users with visual impairment).

This trial is opened to persons with visual, hearing impairment and wheelchair users. To participate in the trial, interested users have to register with SG Enable via email mavis@sgenable.sg

The feedback collected from this trial will be used by LTA to assess the feasibility for future deployment.

For any questions regarding the registration of the MAVIS trial, feel free to email SG Enable at mavis@sgenable.sg or call their hotline at 1800 8585 885.

For visually impaired persons, enquiries and assistance with setting up and learning to use the app will also be provided by SAVH, please call 6251 4331 ext 152, or email kwekbin@savh.org.sg

In an effort to encourage visually impaired users to take part in the trial, staged trials are being conducted where visually impaired participants will be arranged to go through the trial in groups with assistance from LTA, SG Enable and SAVH. Participants will be assisted with setup of the app on their smartphones, briefed on its use, then given the chance to actually try using the app at actual bus stops, then their feedback will be collected. Interested persons can contact either SG Enable or SAVH at the contact details provided above for more information.

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