How to use the stencils for voting

(Taken from cover letter to proxy form)

To help vision impaired members to complete the proxy form, we have created stencils (templates) for guiding you to mark your preferred choices. The proxy form will consist of two sheets of paper printed on three sides. Only page 3 contains items which require members to mark their choices.

The stencils are clear pieces of plastic with cut out squares to indicate where the appropriate boxes for marking your choices. There will also be a box to indicate the place for members to fill-in the date and signature. The stencils are stapled over the proxy forms so that members will not need to worry about alignment. The squares in the stencils will correspond exactly with the positions of the boxes. Stencil will only be provided to vision impaired members.

For partially sighted members who are still able to read regular print, the transparent stencils should still allow them to read the text on the proxy form. They can use the stencils as a guide to determine the positioning of the box before marking their choice. As a suggestion, they may wish to further use a ruler or other item to block out the other boxes to further ensure that they are marking the correct box.

For vision impaired members who have requested for AGM materials in Braille, the choices will also be shown in Braille on the stencils, next to the boxes, so they can read the Braille and mark their choices within the cut-out squares accordingly.

Vision impaired members who have not requested for materials in Braille, not able to read regular print, and are not able to get sighted assistance, can still mark the boxes by themselves using the stencils. A soft copy or audio CD version of the proxy form would have been provided to members depending on which format they have requested. Vision impaired members can refer to the soft copy or audio copy of the proxy form (as applicable) and compare the choices available with the corresponding number of boxes on the stencil.

After marking their choices, dating and signing as applicable, members must remove the stencil, place both sheets of the proxy form in the self-addressed envelopes to be mailed to Trusted Services, our third-party vendor.

Members who need further assistance can contact Kwek Bin at 62514331 extension 701 or email