The SAVH had received many whistleblowing letters about the impropriety of certain senior staffer and Executive Committee members in the latter half of 2020. Due to the seriousness of the allegations, the Association had set up an independent Committee of Inquiry (COI) as provided by the SAVH Constitution in January 2021.在2020年下半年,新加坡视障人士协会执行委员会收到许多举报信函,质疑某资深职员和5个执行委员会成员的行为是否适当。考虑到指控的严重性,新加坡视障人士协会执行委员会基于协会章程,于2021年1月成立了独立调查委员会。
The COI has completed its work and has submitted its final report to the Association on 29 April 2021. After close examination of the findings of the COI’s report, the Association has accepted the COI’s report in its entirety.独立调查委员会已完成调查工作,并于2021年4月29日向协会的执行委员会提交了最终的调查报告。在仔细核查了独立调查委员会的发现后,协会的执行委员会已接受了调查委员会的完整报告。
The Association has decided on the appropriate next course of actions against the concerned parties, based on the provisions of the SAVH Constitution.协会已根据章程决定了对有关各方所将采取的下一步行动。


Toh See Kiat (Dr)
President of SAVH

10 May 2021