Do not directly transfer any payment of fees or donations to the personal bank accounts of any SAVH staff, SAVH EXCO member or anyone appearing to have a connection with SAVH. Cash payments directly to any staff or EXCO member of SAVH are also strongly discouraged.

No staff or EXCO members are authorized to receive payment on behalf of SAVH directly into their personal bank account under any circumstances. All payments and donations should be directed to our Association’s bank account (DBS 033-021921-0 or PayNow UEN:S61SS0119JDBS) and all cash payments will be issued with an official SAVH receipt.

If you have made any such payment or donation directly to a staff’s or EXCO’s bank account or not received an official SAVH receipt for your cash payment, please contact us immediately so we can ensure the safety of your financial transactions. If you are in doubt, do contact us immediately too.