1 June 2020

Dear Clients and Members,

I posted a note on SAVH’s Infoline to all members and clients during the COVID 19 pandemic dated 30 March 2020.

This note to you is to stay in touch and hope that you will continue to practice safe hygiene, stay home and practice safe social distancing when you have to be out.

We recognize that for our VH members, it is difficult to practice safe social distancing as most will need assistance when moving around. The EXCO has discussed this and will try to find a safe solutions for the VH community to be able to move around when the circuit breaker rules are relaxed.

But unfortunately the general expectation is that that the virus still be lurking in the community for a while yet, so the new normal will require people to continue to practice good hygiene standards and keep to safe social distancing.

I am glad that all of our members and clients are safe and staying healthy. I trust that you will all continue to stay healthy and ride through this very difficult period which the government has said that this is the worst crisis since the country’s independence.

The staff at SAVH is doing their utmost to make sure that our clients are safe. They are also reaching out and providing help to those that are elderly or are staying alone. Please do not hesitate to call on our staff for any help that you may need. We will try to do our best to help and be of service to you.

Thank you and stay well.

Best Regards

Choo Chek Siew
Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped