Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped

   Nomination for Election to Executive Committee

     (Article 6.4)


The Honorary Secretary

Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped

47 Toa Payoh Rise

Singapore 298104


Dear Sir /Madam,

We, being members of the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH), hereby propose and second the nomination of ___________________________________ (Name in block letters) as a candidate for election to the Executive Committee of SAVH at the Annual General Meeting to be held on 28th August 2021 (Saturday).

Name Name
Address Address
Contact Number Contact Number
Signature Signature


Nominee’s Particulars

Residential Address  
Email Address  
Contact Number  
Gender ☐ Female                          ☐ Male
Age           years old                 Date of Birth:
Year(s) of SAVH Membership           years                      Date joined:
Type of Membership Life Member / Ordinary Member
Occupation of Nominee  
Current Employer / Name of business or company if self-employed  
Area of Expertise or Core skills ☐ Accounting

☐ Blindness rehabilitation and treatment

☐ Education and training

☐ Finance

☐ General managing

☐ Human resource management

☐ Law and legislation

☐ Organizational change and development

☐ Social enterprise or start-ups

☐ Social service and social work

Others (Please specify):

Interested Area in Exco ☐Audit and Risk      ☐ Finance

☐Fund Raising        ☐ Human Talent and Resource

☐Nomination           ☐ Program, Membership and Services

☐ Social Enterprise and Skills Development

Others (Please specify):

IT-savviness ☐ Basic (e.g., email, messaging etc.)

☐ Medium(e.g., Word Excel PowerPoint etc.)

☐ High (e.g. Access, database, programming etc.)


Declarations by Nominee

Please tick for declaration

Declarations Agree Disagree If disagree, please specify why.
1.    I am not disqualified under Singapore law to be any member of the governing body or any key officer or a trustee for any charity by virtue of the Charities Act (Chapter 37), in particular section 27(1) (as reproduced in Schedule 1).       
2.     I currently do not, and do not intend to during my term on the Executive Committee if so elected, receive payment of any kind for any products and/or services rendered to SAVH, whether through any ad hoc or contractual arrangements, or whether as an individual or through any company with which I hold any interest (including as an officer, shareholder and/or employee), and I am not related to or have any dealings with any such individual or company.        
3.    I am not a subject of an ongoing criminal case or investigation and/or under a board of inquiry.      
4.    I am not a board member of a competing blindness organisation;     If disagree, please specify organisation’s name and position held, if any.)
5.    I am not been a member of the Executive Committee for a period of ten or more consecutive years leading up to my present nomination.      
6.    I possess integrity, maturity, confidence and high standards of excellence. I also possess the skills and commitment necessary to carry out my duties on the Executive Committee effectively.      


I, ___________________________________ (Name in Block letters) hereby consent to the above nomination. I confirm that I am aware of the responsibilities as an Executive Committee member of SAVH, and agree to fulfill these responsivities if elected. I also confirm that my particulars and declarations provided above are true, accurate, and complete to the best of my knowledge as per the nomination requirements. I hereby also provide consent that the additional information that I submitted together with this nomination form, if any, will be made available on the SAVH website and other chosen platforms for members’ review during the campaign period of the 68th AGM.


Signature of Nominee: ______________________         Date: ____________

NB: All nominations must be made on this proposed form, duly completed and signed before forwarding to the Honorary Secretary not later than 4pm on 13th August 2021 (Friday).


Schedule 1

Extract of section 27(1) of the Charities Act (Chapter 37)

Subject to subsections (3) and (4), a person is disqualified from acting in any capacity specified in subsection (2) on the happening of any of the following, whether before, on or after the date of commencement of section 9 of the Charities (Amendment) Act 2018:

(a) the person is convicted, whether in Singapore or in any other country or territory, of any offence involving —

(i) dishonesty (including fraud, corruption, bribery and deception); or
(ii) terrorism, terrorism financing or money laundering;
(b) the person becomes an undischarged bankrupt;
(c) the person makes a composition or arrangement with, or grants a trust deed for, the person’s creditors and has not been discharged in respect of it;
(d) the person becomes subject to any disqualification under section 149, 149A or 154 of the Companies Act (Cap. 50).